Sansa Stark Proves That A New Dress Can Change Everything

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Wait are we sure that's actually Sansa Stark?


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Last night, while most Game of Thrones viewers were waiting for the big fight between the Viper and the Mountain—no spoilers yet; whoa is about all we can muster—another incredible moment happened. But it lasted a brief 25 seconds and you may have missed it.

Sansa Stark has been on quite a journey this past three and a half seasons, but mostly she's been in mourning. (Can you blame her?) And in quite a drab array of costumes, at that, especially compared to the likes of Daenerys, Cersei and Margaery. But all that changed last night.

Spoiler alert: After reassuring the people of the Vale that Lady Lysa jumped to her death, thus saving her rescuer—and Lysa-pusher—Petyr Baelish, it appears Sansa may finally come into some power of her own. And that is exactly what we see as she descends the stairs, briefly blocked by the brilliant sunlight, in a black gown.

The shoulders are fixed with feathers and the front detailing mimics the raven-like feel of the new gown. No longer does her long red hair flow freely, it is pulled back and appears darker, almost black. And then there's her necklace! What is it? Where did it come from? And how do we get our hands on it? To top it off—the perfect line: "Shall we go?" Yes. Sophie Turner, we will follow this new Sansa anywhere.

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