Seven Style And Beauty Secrets We Learned Last Week


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1. Picnic? BBQ? No worries, check out these stunning images that will inspire your most beautiful party ever.

2. Fanny packs are back and chicer than ever! Go hands free all summer long.

3. Cindy Crawford is stunning at nearly 50 and guess what, she gave us the best beauty advice ever!

4. We've got you covered, here's your complete guide to looking sporty and fun while biking!

5. J-Law's email address includes the word "butt" and no one is shocked! But we totally want to get one of her email chains. There just has to be gifs involved.

6. J. Crew Creative Director Jenna Lyons has three dress code rules. You can thank us later!

7. White maxis are the go-to weekend wear for every occasion—except maybe a wedding. Shop these 45 styles, there's one for every budget!

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