11 Pieces Of So-Crazy-You-Kinda-Want-To-Try-Them Life Advice From Shailene Woodley

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Perpetual flower child and self-proclaimed hippie Shailene Woodley is endlessly quotable, thanks to her penchant for vitamin D...down there and her refusal to own a cell phone. In honor of the film's premiere, click through for a compilation of her very best, out-of-this-world quotes and life tips.

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Between Shailene Woodley's unconventional beauty routine and her refusal to own a cell phone, the notably low-maintenance star has no shortage of offbeat life advice. But that's precisely why we love the self-proclaimed hippie: because she's a totally loveable weirdo.

On the heels of Divergent, Woodley is currently starring in the young adult drama/love story/cryfest The Fault In Our Stars, based off the book by John Green. In honor of the film's premiere today, we put together a list of her very best, most out-of-this-world quotes and life tips. Because sometimes listening to someone tell you to wear SPF just isn't what you want to do on a sunny summer Friday.

PS: If you plan to see the movie this weekend, make sure you bring tissues and some waterproof mascara. Seriously.

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