19 Sophisticated Halter Tops—Yes, Do They Exist!

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So much has changed about halter tops since the early aughts! Click through for more updated takes on the style.
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After its freewheeling, Coyote Ugly-dancing, MTV-spring-breaking moment last decade, it feels like the halter top has finally grown up. It's not made of stretchy spandex anymore, nor is meant to be styled with low-slung, bootcut jeans. You don't have to wear it tight and cropped à la Dirrty-era Xtina if you don't want to, and those random grommets and crystals that used to happen around the (often plunging) neckline? Gone. (Thank goodness. What was up with those?)

These days the style seems to work better with a pencil skirt or silk pants (gauchos, perhaps?) than jeans; you're more likely to grab it for a fancy dinner than $1 drinks night at your local dive bar. No matter how much you'd like to forget the way you wore it back in 2002 (with a frayed denim skirt and ribbon belt? Me, too!), this style's worth giving it one more go 'round. I'd do it with one of the 19 options in the slideshow above—click through to shop my picks now.

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