Your No-Sweat Guide To Styling Bangs In The Summer

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Got bangs? Sweaty foreheads and saltwater-induced frizz don't have to be the bane of your summer. We talked to four hairstylists who rock the look themselves for tips on keeping your 'do looking cool—even when it's way too hot out.

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Associate Digital Features Editor

I never think of my hair as being particularly high-maintenance—until, that is, summer rolls around and my across-the-forehead bangs practically beg for the blowdryer and flat iron within minutes of leaving the house. Over the years, I've mastered some questionable techniques: scraping them back with sunglasses (sacrificing sun protection), scraping them back with glasses glasses (sacrificing the ability to see), and just giving up and letting the cowlicks win. Surely, however, there are better options to work with than this in a season of chock full of humidity, heat, and chlorine-y pools—and who better to ask than pros with personal experience?


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