Lucky's Five Favorite Summer Beach Reads

I’m currently reading Susan Rieger’s whip-smart debut novel, which tells the story of a wealthy couple’s increasingly contentious divorce entirely through personal correspondence (e-mails, memos, notes, legal documents). The characters are hilarious and brilliant, and although it’s perfect for an afternoon of sunning, it’s not one of those books you turn your brain off to read. Particularly charming: the relationship between the soon-to-be divorced Mia Durkheim and Sophie Diehl—the law associate who finds herself involuntarily assigned to the case.

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Senior Fashion Writer

Summer’s here, and I have a confession to make: As much as I did not enjoy the dreary, dreadful, dear-God-when-will-it-end winter we just endured here in New York, I’m sort of not a warm weather person. Give me a brisk October evening (and an outdoor fire pit) over a sweltering July afternoon (even if it involves a glass of well-chilled rosé) any day. But even though I’m not exactly looking forward to the heat, there’s one thing I adore about summer—beach reads! The word nerd in me loves nothing more than a great page-turner, and the fact that summer is the season to put aside weightier tomes in favor of lighter, frothier fare means I can tear through at least a dozen before Labor Day. And unlike swimming (my other favorite warm-weather activity), I don’t even have to leave the comfort of my AC to enjoy a good beach read. Click through for a few titles I’m most excited about, and bring on the sun!

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