From Tan Lines To Tie-Dye: The 19 Tenets Of Summer Camp Style

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Missing your summer camp glory days? Click through to shop the 19 tenets of sleepaway style that will transport you back to your bunk beds, ASAP.
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I was 11 years old the first time I went to sleepaway camp. Thanks to its depiction in Bug Juice and The Parent Trap, I was expecting a magical, faraway land with mandatory camp-wide sing-a-longs and a schedule revolving around peak beach times. After that first year, I found that Camp Echo, the bustling colony on a tree-lined peninsula, was indeed just that: its own world, with its own rules. I went for a number of years, each summer better and more action-packed than the last as I grew older and more self-sufficient. (I also had Friday Night LightsZach Gilford to look forward to at the start of every session—true story.)

In my many years since I last stepped foot in Fremont, Michigan, I’ve learned that everyone else who went to summer camp had many of the same experiences as I did; we used the same shampoo and came equipped with the same arts and crafts materials. Perhaps much of camp’s universal appeal, then, is that it doesn’t change—we knew exactly what we were getting into as soon we returned every summer.

Now that I’m sadly much too “adult” to enroll in camp as an actual camper, I wanted to revisit my glory days in the best way we at Lucky know how: by compiling the tenets of summer camp style in all its buggy, tie-dyed glory. Click through the slideshow above to peep what I put together.

But before that, here’s a gratuitous picture of Camp Echo. It’s a real beaut, ain’t it?

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