Taylor Swift Made A Drake-Inspired Needlepoint For Ed Sheeran

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According to our calculations, Taylor Swift should be releasing a new album at some point either this October or November—if she stays on her previous schedule, at least. Her last four albums were released in October 2012, October 2010, November 2008 and October 2006, so hopes are high for a very Swifty fall.

But alas, the 24-year-old songstress has been a bit busy recently, what with hanging out with supermodels, painting with watercolors and touring the globe. She’s also become something of a talented needlesmith—so if that fifth album fails to happen this year, we'll know why.

In a new MTV documentary 9 Days and Nights of Ed Sheeran, the aforementioned musician and longtime pal of Swift revealed a framed, adorable needlepoint made for him by Swift herself. In it, we see a yellow-haired girl and an orange-haired boy climbing a set of stairs next to lyrics from Drake's “Started from the Bottom.” She has a voice bubble reading “Cats” (Meredith!) while he has one with “Legos.” There’s also a call-out to the phrase “the struggle is real” embroidered beneath the stairs.

It’s pretty weird, but there’s something about imagining Swift hunched over her needlepoint set while chanting Drake that fills us with happiness. Warm, fuzzy, old-timey happiness.

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