27 Lingerie Sets That Will Make You Feel Like A Supermodel

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Choose the right lingerie so that you'll wake up on the right side of the bed every day this summer. Click through for some of my favorite bra-and-underwear sets of the season!

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People seem to have pretty polarized opinions when it comes to shopping for lingerie: much like swimwear, you either really, really love it, or you completely despise it. And while stripping down into my skivvies in the unflattering lighting of a fitting room is not exactly my idea of fun, there's nothing quite like the feeling of waking up first thing in the morning and putting on my frilliest bra and underwear to start the day off on a good foot.

The way I see it, lingerie is all about you! After all, you're not exactly going to parade around the city wearing nothing but a bra and underwear, so why worry about which angles and lighting are the most complimentary? When shopping for lingerie, you should focus on cuts and fabrics that are not only supportive and comfortable, but that also make you feel like a million dollars when you put them on. Trust me, your girls need a little love—especially now, as we enter into the sweltering months of summer (hello, underboob sweat!). Still not convinced? Click through the above slideshow to glean some inspiration from this summer's best lingerie and bra picks!

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