The Beyoncélogues: Watch A Woman Read Beyoncé Lyrics As Dramatic Monologues

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As if we didn’t already know that Beyoncé’s songs were poetic, we now have living, breathing proof that her tracks’ lyrics are just as powerful spoken as they are sung. World, meet Nina Millin, an actress who has taken it upon herself to create a series of videos in which she reads Beyoncé lyrics as Shakespearean monologues, called The Beyoncélogues.

In an interview with Esquire, Millin said the project was born out of an ill-fated karaoke attempt during which she gave up on singing altogether and reworked the lyrics as dialogue. With three Beyoncélogues already on YouTube (“Irreplaceable,” “If I Were a Boy” and “Mine”) and with more on the way (she promises), her views are about to skyrocket; it’s a little eerie how beautifully intense these monologues are read.

Might we suggest “Partition” for her next clip?

Catch Nina Millin’s first three Beyoncélogues below:


“If I Were a Boy”:


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