The Reformation's Newest Collection Is For 'Babes With Boobs'

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Finally. Today the Reformation launches the "I'm Up Here" collection, a selection of sexy little cutout dresses, crop tops and open back jumpers you can actually wear with a bra. Click through to shop our favorite pieces now!

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Do you ever wonder why some labels work wonders for your figure, and others just, well… don't—even if you try going up or down a size? It doesn't have anything to do with you: the culprit is the brand's fit model, aka the person each item is tailored to suit. If you don't have similar proportions, nothing's going to work.

That sort of cookie-cutter design process is exactly what up-cycled fashion company The Reformation is breaking free from with its new bra-friendly "I'm Up Here" line. The collection—which is specially designed for women with a C chest or larger—is the first of several upcoming body-specific capsules from the brand. "Large companies try to make their clothes fit a large percentage of people, but the end result is that the clothes don’t look awesome on anybody; they just look kinda OK on a lot of people," read a press release from the label. "Instead of diluting or comprising our fit, we decided to think about things differently. We will be launching a series of capsule collections for different body types, offering ladies of all shapes the chance to wear Ref and look damn good doing it."

We've included a few of our favorite "I'm Up Here" styles in the slideshow above. Click through to shop our picks, and browse the full selection on

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