FOUND: The Perfect Lace-Up Dress For Girls Who Hate Corsets

Associate Digital Editor

Before you file corset lacing back into the place in your brain where memories of Coyote Ugly, Sisqo music videos and that top you thought was the coolest thing ever in 2001 live, please check out the dress below. Somehow it's managed to beat one of the tackiest trends* of all time at its own game by making it look sweet and ladylike and not at all like something you'd wear because your mom hated it (not that, er, I would know anything about that). I'm fairly certain that the next time I see it, this dress will be on either Kate Bosworth, Alexa Chung—who will, undoubtedly, pair it perfectly with pointy-toe flats—or you, because how can you not want to order it right now?

*Perhaps the only exception to this would be this Versus dress Diane Kruger wore in Cannes in 2012, but I'm fairly certain she's the only person in the entire universe who could've pulled it off.

Whiton Dress, $218,
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