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Now is the prime time to dip your toes in this summer's sea of style offerings, since most of them can be found on sale around the web. Click through the slideshow to shop markdowns on some of our favorite pieces, from square-neck tanks to sporty shorts.
The Shower Slide
All those sandals with zippers, buckles, and laces will seem like far more effort than they're worth once you get a pair of these. Trust.
Coordinating Separates
Like a suit, but a million times more fun. Matching separates in fun prints are streamlined enough for the office, but versatile enough for extracurriculars, too.
The Crop Top
A stripey, strappy tank makes for easy weekend wear. Come Monday, switch to a more demure knit-plus-midi-skirt combo, and presto: crop tops for all occasions!
The Square-Neck Tank
Are we having flashbacks to Julia Stiles and Sarah Michelle Gellar circa 2001? Yes. Do we mind? Not in the least.
The Maillot
Now that we've cleared up what a maillot is, why not pick one up in time for your Fourth of July festivities? With their triangle tops and mesh paneling, these two are sexier than your average Speedo.
The Athletic-Inspired Short
Even if the only place you're planning on running this weekend is straight to the front of the brunch line, these sporty shorts will get you there in style.
Call 'em culottes, call 'em gauchos: either way, now's the time to pick up a pair of the roomy trousers if you've been on the fence.