Making A Case For The Bridal Jumpsuit: Why You Should Consider A One-Piece For Your Big Day

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It's easy to see why the bridal jumpsuit's a trend with legs (pun fully intended). Click through for six stylish ways to wear a one-piece on your wedding day!
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I know what you're about to say: "I've been dreaming about my perfect wedding gown since I was a little kid, and it does not involve pants." But truth be told, there are so many good reasons to consider a jumpsuit for your big day. Not only do one-pieces tend to be less expensive than traditional gowns (OK, perhaps with the exception of the Elie Saab stunner I've included in the gallery above), but they totally win when it comes to comfort and functionality, too. There are no rows of too-small-for-human-hands-to-tackle buttons, no voluminous skirts to take up an entire dance floor—and if you were worried about tripping on your hem during that first father-daughter song, well, don't. Because in a jumpsuit, that's next to impossible.

Then there's the cool factor to consider: Wearing a jumpsuit to your own wedding is the ultimate modern move. It bucks tradition, makes for a beautiful canvas for sparkling accessories (just add showstopping heels, jewels and clutch!) and comes in a wide variety of silhouettes, just like a dress (fit-and-flare, strapless, sleeveless, body-conscious). In short, it's easy to see why the bridal jumpsuit's a trend with legs—pun fully intended.

So, all you brides-to-be, why not consider a one-piece instead of a traditional gown when it comes time to tie the knot? Click through the gallery above for six head-to-toe styling ideas that'll help you take the plunge. And hey—if you're still hesitant, you could always try a one-piece for your rehearsal dinner instead!

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