47 Fur-Free Ways To Wear Your Favorite Animals

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In case you haven't noticed, we are pretty obsessed with animals here at Lucky HQ. From Jiff the Pomeranian's fashion closet acrobatics to Toast's diva-esque antics, we're more than used to office-animal hijinks. (And who could forget the #CutestShootEver?!) Whether feline, canine or anything in between, we sure can't get enough of all things fluffy.

Which is why, should you find yourself with a dearth of furry friends around, why not wear your love with an animal-emblazoned shirt or bag? To be clear, we don't mean animal prints, we mean sweatshirts, pouches, track pants and more covered in your favorite animals. If cats on sweatshirts are your thing, or even camel pants (yes, camels) we've got you covered. Click through the slideshow above to shop 47 of our favorite too-cute-to-be-true pieces.

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