Leopards and Tigers and Croc, Oh My!: Lucky's All-In Guide To Animal Prints

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Senior Digital Editor

By all accounts, animal prints have evolved past the point of being a trend; today, they're year-round wardrobe essentials. But do you really know your spots from your stripes from your scales? Surprisingly, even some of today's top designers tend to mess up when labeling their wildlife-inspired pieces—particularly those that draw inspiration from big cats' beautiful coats. As is turns out, however, leopard, ocelot, jaguar and cheetah all look pretty different from one another!

Excited to add some animal prints into your wardrobe this season, but not sure where to start (or where to go past your basic leopard spots)? Fear not! Above, I've compiled a handful of the fashion industry's favorite critter patterns and explained exactly what makes each one stand out—and, of course, provided some shoppable options for each. Click through above for a whole menagerie's worth of wild animal prints, from leopard and tiger to cow and croc. And don't worry—no actual endangered species were harmed in the making of this story!

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