Eight Foolproof His-And-Hers Anniversary Gifts For Every Milestone

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Whether you and your beau got married last year or are celebrating a decade of marriage, the best kind of gifts put a twist on tradition. Click through for his-and-hers ideas to commemorate the first major milestones.

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According to wedding lore, every anniversary has its designated gift: paper for the first, wood for the fifth, tin for the tenth—all the way up to the diamond sixtieth. It may seem a little corny, but we'll admit that we're suckers for tradition, and with a little bit of creativity, the old-school guidelines can actually be a fun jumping off point. Plus, if you make it yearly tradition, you're guaranteed not to fall into the habit of getting each other the same thing every year (not that we don't like flowers—believe me, we love flowers.)

Of course, you know your hubby (or wife!) best, but it's always nice to get a little inspiration, so we've put together some possibilities for you to make your own. Click through the slideshow above for gift ideas to ring in the first few milestones of a marriage.

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