Why Tea Should Be Your New Beauty Secret Weapon

Boost Hair Color

Create a color-boosting hair rinse! Simply steep two tea bags in boiling water for 15 minutes, allow to cool—preferably overnight—and pour onto freshly washed hair. Allow the tea to sit on your hair for 10 minutes, and shampoo and condition as normal afterwards. Not only will your hair be shinier, but using green tea will also help it grow stronger and can reduce shedding and dandruff. Here's a quick guide if you're looking to enhance your color: blondes should use chamomile, redheads should go for rooibos and brunettes ought to opt for black tea.
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You probably already know that tea helps reduce stress, boosts immunity and is ultra-hydrating—but did you know that there are plenty of other reasons to ditch that morning cup of joe for the leafy alternative? And we're not just talking about overall health here—there are some incredible beauty benefits hidden in your favorite teas, too!

So break out the macarons and china cups—we're having a tea party, and you're invited! Click through the slideshow above for 10 reasons why tea should be your new beauty secret weapon.

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