Blake Lively's New Website, Preserve, Is Officially Live

Associate Digital Features Editor

A mere three days after we got the lowdown on Preserve, Blake Lively's new lifestyle website, the magazine-cum-e-shop-cum-video blog is officially live!

Our first impressions? Well, it holds up to its promise of being a celebration of all things handmade, with artisan profiles, Lively's own recipes (barbequed pork or chicken and dumplings for dinner, anyone?), and a paean to the days before handwritten letters were overtaken by Snapchat. The shopping opportunities are better than expected—and more popular, in the case of an already-sold-out Lindsey Thornburg dress—and the fashion shoots showcase models and regular people alike, as in the case of the motorcycle-riding, tattoo-covered, mustachioed guitar player who stars in the men's feature (the Preserve team calls themselves his "Beliebers").

The letter from the editor (that would be Lively) is particularly worth a gander—lofty (Preserve is "a home out of pixels, light and imagination"), almost painfully earnest and includes a shoutout to enchiladas. For now, the jury's still out on how Preserve will fare: on the one hand, artisanal everything is an easy way to elicit eyerolls these days, but on the other, if it means more handwritten letters, tattooed guitarists and baby back ribs, I can't say I have anything against it.

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