WATCH: Cameron Diaz And Jimmy Fallon Competed In One Of The Weirdest Tonight Show Games Ever

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Douglas Gorenstein/NBC

As the boyish, hugely likable host of The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon has earned himself a reputation for knocking celebrities’ guards down with the help of zany onscreen games. For memory-jogging purposes, consider “Box of Lies” with Jennifer Lawrence, “Sticky Balls” with Daniel Radcliffe and the crown jewel of them all, “Lip Sync Battle” with Emma Stone. But never before—never before!—has a late-night TV host challenged his guest to a good ol’ match of “Kayak Race”—which, as we learned yesterday, is exactly what it sounds like.

Last night, recent DGAF contender Cameron Diaz appeared on The Tonight Show to promote her new movie Sex Tape, while also making herself available for some Studio 6-B hijinks. The game challenged both contestants to: a) paddle in a motorized kayak, b) encounter two Elton John impersonators (one sang the classic tune “Benny and the Jetski”) and c) deal with a “cranky old fisherman” and “salmon swimming upstream.” It's also worth mentioning that there was zero actual water involved.

The charade was unquestionably one of Fallon’s most elaborate yet, but it did yield a good three minutes of late-night fun. But, that begs the question: who won the race? Catch Diaz and Fallon’s kayak race below:

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