WATCH: Cara Delevingne And Jourdan Dunn Get Matching Tattoos On Well Dunn

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Last month, supermodel BFFs Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn revealed on Instagram that they'd gotten matching interlocking D tattoos, cementing their bestie status in ink. And now, in a new episode of Well Dunn, Jourdan Dunn's YouTube show from JAY Z's Life+Times, we get to see exactly how those tattoos went down.

After Delevingne uknowingly "runs into" Dunn on the streets of NYC, the duo heads to Uncle Boons to test out some Thai food. Delevingne sticks various utensils on her face and makes jokes about balls (referring to sticky rice, obviously).

via YouTube

After showing off her tattoos (including one on her foot that reads "Made in England"), the pair decide to call up tattoo artist Bang of Bang Bang NYC and get their matching Ds. After the girls decide to get them on their "bums," Delevingne—the tattoo pro—chooses to go first. And as if Delevingne hadn't already provided a day's worth of hilarity, she proceeds to sing both "God Save the Queen" and Aladdin's "A Whole New World" while getting inked.

Dunn, however, understandably gets a little freaked once it's her turn, aggressively snacking on a cookie until she calms down. Delevingne, ever the supportive BFF, leads Dunn in a rendition of "Kumbaya," which seems to help.

Watch the hilarious video in full below:

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