Cara Delevingne Does 'Caraoke,' Lip-Synching For LOVE Magazine

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In this new emoji-filled music video that appears to draw inspiration from Miley Cyrus' entire Instagram account, Cara Delevingne lays on a bed of wafers in a green wig, wearing what looks to be a pink plastic raincoat. What follows is the weirdest/best lip-synching rendition ever of LL Cool J's 2006 hit, "It's Hard To Control Myself," featuring Jennifer Lopez.

Called "Caraoke," the LOVE Magazine clip is undoubtedly the most bizarre thing we've seen all day; somehow, Delevingne manages to lip-synch both parts, snack on a few wafers (because who wouldn't?) and throw in some gyrating hip moves along the way. No stranger to being fearless on social media, Delevingne unsurprisingly throws herself into the oddball role wholeheartedly.

Watch the full, rainbow-hued video below:

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