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The classic cardigan is an insanely versatile wardrobe staple—and no, I don't just mean that you can wear it either buttoned-up or open. Think you've run out of ways to style yours? Click through for 11 fun new ways to wear your favorite button-front sweater.
Concerned that a thick knit might hide your figure? Cinch a belt of any width over the cardigan, around your narrowest point, and presto—instant hourglass figure!
Believe it—cardigans are even cooler when worn in reverse. We've been in love with this look ever since Marc Jacobs showed it on his Fall 2010 runway! Pro tip: Try wearing your flipped-around cardi without a tee or tank underneath—it'll show off a sulty triangle of skin just below the nape of your neck.
Over the Shoulders
Think only frat bros and conservative Nantucket types can pull off this traditionally preppy look? Guess again—just look at this crazy-colorful outfit on Susie!
With Brand-New Buttons
Is your trusty old cardi looking a little stale? Swap out the buttons to make your sweater look (and feel!) like new again. At left, Julia from Gal Meets Glam used multicolored jewels to mimic the look of a Sonia Rykiel style that caught her eye, but feel free to use any buttons that strike your fancy—shiny gold versions, nautical rope knots, pretty pearls...
As a Dress
How to make the humble cardigan instantly sexy? Let a long one do double duty as a slit-front dress, and get ready to have your own #AngiesRightLeg moment. (Another celeb who loves this look? The always-stylish Rihanna.)
Adding Coverage to a Crop Top
Intimidated by the crop top? As I explained here, wearing something over your abbreviated shirt not only takes some of the attention away from all that exposed skin, but also minimizes the amount of midriff that's actually on display. The perfect layering piece in this instance? A cardi, of course!
All Tied Up
Or, just make your cardi into a crop top by knotting it at your midriff!
Like a Superhero
Edna Mode might hate capes—and yes, way too many street style stars have been wearing their jackets slung over their shoulders lately—but for some reason, the look feels far less played-out and way more classic in cardigan form. What do you think?
As a Skirt
Whether you choose to leave the front buttons facing forward or want to get a bit wrap-happy, you can totally repurpose your cardigan as a skirt, too. We love Arabelle's color-blocked take on the look—and it takes mere seconds to do!
Tucked In and Open
For a billowy, breezy look that's perfect for summer, leave your cardigan open, then tuck the bottom into the waistband of your favorite jeans or cutoffs.
Tied Around Your Waist
This '90s-style look not only adds instant off-duty cool to any outfit, but also highlights your waist—great for adding shape to an oversized, tent-like dress.