A Casual Friday Outfit Idea For A Conservative Office

Associate Digital Editor

Wynn Skirt, $69.98, stylemint.com; Champion Floral, $50, keds.com; Sleeveless Blouse, $24.95, hm.com; Pelham Hat, $25, Talula, us.aritzia.com; Cedar Street Perforated Mandy, $248, katespade.com

Summer Friday or not, jeans, cut-offs and pants of non-trouser variety aren't going to cut it at your office tomorrow. Here's a loop hole: show up in a conservatively cut denim skirt instead. Since the silhouette is so classic, you'll totally get away with the casual fabric. As for your top half, I suggest starting the day with a white blouse (sleeves optional) primly tucked in, but pulling it out and knotting the front for post-work plans. Toss on a cute straw hat if you're heading somewhere outside!

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