News Flash: Coach's New Fall Campaign Is More High-Fashion Than Ever


Courtesy of Coach

Say farewell to the cheery, bright-cheeked Coach ads of yesteryear. Under the direction of the storied brand’s new creative director, Stuart Vevers, this season’s ads are brooding and bold with an undeniable vintage appeal. [via Lucky’s inbox]

Blake Lively named her website. It shall be called “Preserve.” Like: fruits, forests, months-old salon hair color, a gel manicure, amaaaazing vintage finds, etc. [The Cut]

In light of a certain elevator incident and rumors of marital un-bliss, Beyonce and Jay Z are allegedly seeking marriage counseling, via Skype. We don’t…we don’t really know how to handle this. [Styleite]

Now this is how you blast a hateful Instagram commenter. Dang, Selena! [Us Weekly]

In today’s edition of Stars: They’re Just Like Us!, we’ve learned that Kendall Jenner buys shoes at H&M—which, truthfully, is just like us. They’re cute ones, too. [The Huffington Post]

Le sigh. Terry Richardson just scored a 100-page spread in Playboy. Color us (not) shocked. [Fashionista]

Zoe Saldana isn’t friends with any of her exes, a list which we suppose includes Bradley Cooper. On the topic: “There’s a reason why you’re called an ex. I crossed you off my list. Moving on.” [Marie Claire]

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