Five Unexpected Alternatives To Your Basic Denim Jacket

Your trusty old jean jacket doesn't have to be the only piece of outerwear in your closet getting any loving this season. Click through for five beyond-basic alternatives to a summer denim jacket!

via Urban Outfitters

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Denim jackets are a summer staple, it's true, but sometimes your outfit calls for something with a little more oomph than your tried-and-true Levi's tooper. That's where the pieces above come in: they provide a lightweight layer for both windy summer nights and enthusiastically air conditioned buildings—without leaving you sweltering.

I know I felt lost when I lost my favorite cropped jean jacket last August (though I hope whoever picked it off that rooftop is treating it well), but with my fallback gone, I had to look elsewhere in my wardrobe for options, and nowadays I get far more use out of the cotton blazers and khaki bomber that I had previously neglected. So if you, too, feel like you're in a bit of a denim-induced rut, click through to shop our favorite warm weather-friendly alternatives.

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