Dress Up Your Desk: 27 Buys That Will Make You Want To Work Overtime

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There's no surer way to make it through the summer doldrums than by brightening up your workspace. Click through for 27 cubicle friendly accessories that are chock-full of personality—and functional to boot.

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Like it or not, the cubicle is a fact of life for most American workers these days (60% of us, to be precise), and chances are if you have one, it looks a lot like everyone else's: grey walls, unwieldy filing cabinets, limp lighting and at least one perpetually-lit screen. But that doesn't mean that toiling away in there five days a week has to be totally dull.

To give your workspace a summer boost, all it takes is a few thoughtful and practical (or not!) accessories, and a commitment to keeping it all organized. I've tracked down a couple dozen here that fit the bill to get you off to the right start. Especially if you work in a creative field, having your desk reflect your sensibilities is not only a good source of inspiration—it's also a way to show off your killer taste toward clients and coworkers. But even in more conservative offices, there's still room for character, so long as you pick and choose some of the more understated pieces: a rose gold letter holder wouldn't look out of place in a law office, for instance, and fresh foliage is almost always a welcome addition (think low-maintenance succulents or small-scale arrangements—no red roses, please!)

Put a little effort into design and organization, and you'll be ready to take on the world—or at least tackle that overstuffed inbox. Take a look through the slideshow above for 27 fresh, functional and office-friendly ideas.

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