Less Stress, More Sleep: 13 Editor-Tested Tricks To Make Your Mornings Easier

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Aside from actual getting up part, most of your morning routine can be done at night. Click through for 13 stress-free ways to make your AM go smoothly (and get some extra sleep in the process!).

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There's something out there that Lucky editors love even more than French macarons, and Mansur Gavriel bags...and Mansur Gavriel bags stuffed with French macarons. We'd trade a fresh pair of Birkenstocks—in white, no less!—or vintage 501s that fit perfectly, or a chance to meet one of these 27 these very attractive shirtless men for it. Even front row tickets to Marc Jacobs can't compare.

I'm talking about sleep. In fact, snoozing to the last possible second is so important to us that we'll do anything in the evening to make it happen. If you feel the same way about squeezing in "just…five…more…minutes", we've got some tried (many, many times) and true advice on getting most of your morning prep done in the PM. Click through the slideshow above for our 13 best tips!

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