Five Summer Bras You Shouldn't Live Without

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Getting dressed in the summer's tough when you're relying on just one bra. Click through for five styles that make things much easier.
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Bras have to work harder in the summer. They need to be supportive, but feel light and barely there. When we wear strapless tops, they've got to hold us up without showing. We expect them to look good under a tank top, and peeking out the sides. And, of course, they've got to withstand some serious schvitzing.

That said, there's no miracle undergarment out there that can do all those things at once. Your next best bet is is having the fives styles in the gallery above—each suited to a certain warm weather issue—on hand between June and September. Click through to save yourself from a sticky (or pinchy, or lumpy, or just downright inappropriate!) situation this season.

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