Five Head-Turning Swim Cover-Ups You Already Own

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You don't need a fancy bedazzled caftan to finish your swim look this season. Any of the following five kinds of cover-ups—many of which you probably already own—look just as amazing.

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Associate Digital Editor

You probably didn't start your summer searching for the perfect cover-up. Instead, you were way more concerned with finding not just any old flattering swimsuit, but the most flattering swimsuit for your body. It had to be the one that would make cute lifeguards stare, win you over 100 likes on Instagram—with or without a filter—and make you confidently hum the Baywatch theme song under their breath (what? You guys don't do that when you run on the beach?). Once you had that checked off your shopping list, everything else felt insignificant.

Trouble didn't arise until the first day it was actually warm enough for some sand and salt water. You started to pack your tote bag: foolproof swimwear? Check. Sunscreen? Check. Coordinating cover-up? Not so much. Good thing you already own one of the five backups I've suggested in the slideshow above. Click through to complete your beach look for free (or to stock up for the rest of the season!).

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