Five Festive Fourth Of July Outfit Ideas That Don't Involve Stars Or Stripes

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Want to celebrate America without having to dress in head-to-toe flag prints? Click through for five festive outfit ideas to try out on Friday.

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Digital Fashion News Writer

There are few holidays I enjoy more than the Fourth of July. For years, I celebrated the holiday just as any summer-loving, fireworks-obsessed youth should: by spending the morning at the beach before claiming prime real estate at my city's parade, followed by a long, food coma-inducing barbecue. While truthfully my traditions have changed very little since then, my wardrobe has certainly evolved with the times. And because we're adults here, I believe it's safe to say that we're all well beyond the days of interpreting "patriotic style" to mean literal stars and stripes.

Instead of taking the clichéd route of dressing like an American flag, click through the slideshow above for five outfits that deliver a festive, patriotic look—with nary a star nor stripe in sight.

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