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Just as the American fashion scene's been thoroughly reinvented by the rise of the fashion blogger, so too has the style sphere evolved across the pond. Click through to meet 10 French fashion forces whose blogs you should bookmark ASAP!
The Cherry Blossom Girl

Ever dreamed of having Sofia Coppola direct your life? Blogger Alix Bancourt is your girl.

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Alix never met a novelty accessory she didn't like.
Itching for an exotic getaway? Read a few of Alix's beautifully photographed posts and prepare for the wanderlust to wash over you.
Le Blog de Betty

With her predilection for bold punches of color and playful accessories, it's easy to see why Betty Autier is one of France's most popular style bloggers.

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Where there's smoke, there's style.
It's not so easy to pull off a kooky hair accessory, but Betty nails it every single time.
Miss Pandora

Come for the hairspiration (That striking red! Those impeccable blunt-cut bangs!), stay for blogger Louise Ebel's hauntingly gorgeous, of-another-era photography.

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Nobody—but nooobody—has mastered the cat eye quite like this lovely lady.
While Louise's fashion stories draw inspiration from a wide range of decades, her take on late '60s/early '70s gypset chic feels especially fresh.
Et pourquoi pas Coline?

In addition to her perfectly unstudied tomboy style and charming video content, Coline boasts some of the coolest body ink in the blogosphere.

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We're not sure when, how or why French women managed to perfect the art of the super-short haircut, but Coline's cute crop might be the best we've seen since Amélie Poulain's.
Convinced you can't pull off a headscarf? Let Coline, who counts the wrapped-up scarf as one of her signature accessories, show you the way.
Garance Doré

We'd be remiss if we didn't include Garance's stellar site, which began as a street style blog and has since blossomed into a full-fledged lifestyle destination.

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Fashion's having a bit of a love affair with illustration at the moment, and Garance's sweet sketches are second to none.
Face it: trends can sometimes seem a little silly, no matter how many people are wearing them. We love reading Garance's takes on each season's fashion fads, from mules to mini bags.
Cuillère à Absinthe

In the more-is-more world of style blogging, all those overly accessorized outfits can sometimes grow overwhelming. Blogger Typhaine's looks, which typically revolve around classic staples, are a breath of fresh (French!) air.

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The music buff frequently shares her current favorite tunes on her blog, making it a feast for the ears as well as the eyes.
Prefer sneakers to heels? Sporty Typhaine just might be your style soulmate.
Le Blog de la Méchante

A striking redhead who doesn't take herself too seriously (despite her blog's name—"méchante," ironically, means "mean girl"), Eléonore Bridge has got a denim-centric style we can't resist.

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Teach us your topknot secrets, Eléonore?
With a legwear collection to rival Blair Waldorf's, this blogger's got her tights game on lock.
Make My Lemonade

Love a good DIY? Whether you're jonesing to make some tutti-frutti jewelry or a Chanel-inspired milk carton carryall, Lisa Gachet's flawlessly executed fashion and décor crafts are the perfect way to spend a lazy day.

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Hungry? You will be by the time you leave this fashionable foodie's site!
Rather than sharing a standard-issue series of outfit snapshots, Lisa presents many of her looks in animated GIF form, making for one unique viewing experience.
Hello It's Valentine

In yet another instance of life imitating art, you'll notice that graphic designer Valentine almost never wears anything other than prints and patterns.

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Meet Batman, Valentine's incredibly photogenic cat (and a frequent visitor in many of her posts).
As travel-focused as it is style-centric, Valentine's blog is packed with vacation snaps that have to be seen to be believed.
The Brunette

One of our favorite things about blogger Emilie? She actually looks happy in the photos she posts!

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A bold lips print atop the world's most romantic bridge? Consider us smitten!
Don't discount Emilie's beauty posts, either! You might just find the perfect inspiration for your next party look.