Embrace Your Inner Kate Moss With These 29 Fantastic Fringe Jackets

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From Kate Moss to Sloane Peterson to Dolly Parton, wearing a fringe jacket puts you in really good company. Click through to shop tasseled bombers and blazers now.

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The list of members in the unofficial Fringe Jacket Club is too long to share, so I'll just give you the highlights. First up is reigning queen of bohemian rock star style Kate Moss, who rarely leaves the house without some tasseled outerwear on; the model loves the look so much, it pops up three times in her most recent Topshop collection. Dolly Parton, too—of course—has worn plenty of string-embellished blazers in her day, often with a fringe-trimmed skirt and cowgirl boots to match. Adore or detest her look, you've got to admit she truly owns it.

I'd be remiss not to mention Mia Sara in her turn as Sloane Peterson in Ferris Bueller's Day Off as well. The John Hughes classic just wouldn't be the same without her epic white bomber! And then there's some of F.J.C.'s newer inductees: Miley Cyrus (who seems to be quite inspired by the aforementioned Ms. Parton lately), Miranda Kerr (although she'd admittedly look amazing in a paper sack, I prefer this), Kylie Jenner (did she raid Sloane's wardrobe?!) and possibly you (yes, you!). To help you join these legendary ranks, I've included 29 amazing fringe jackets in the slideshow above. Click through to pick one out now!

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