Because It’s Summer: 27 Attractive Men At The Beach

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Presented without (much) comment and/or explanation, we present to you, our dear Lucky readers: a grouping of 27 impeccable gentlemen—some shirtless, some not—having fun in the sun during nature’s sexiest season. Click through to see them all.

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We’re going get honest with you here for a moment: in the past, we’ve done roundups of some of Lucky's favorite men, all with a fashion angle. There are dudes wearing leather jackets, gentlemen in sunglasses and bros cuddling puppies—all of which, in some semblance of a way, were more or less related to our ideals of style. But today, we decided to let loose and explore an area we’ve only dreamt about in the past: men at the beach.

Without further ado, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of 27 male heartthrobs—some shirtless, some not—who clearly enjoy summer and everything its balmy weather brings. Click through the slideshow above for the strapping dudes who made the cut; you’re so, so welcome.

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