24 Attractive Men Made Even More Attractive With Cats

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Warning: these kittens make us want to cuddle with these attractive men even more... as if we really needed a reason. Click through to see 24 sexy celebrity guys with their adorably fluffy cat counterparts!
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Okay, I get it. Most people have some utterly inexplicable beef against cats, much preferring canine companions to their feline counterparts. But to be purr-fectly honest, you can't understand the undeniable appeal of a fluffy, feline friend until you've had one yourself. They're one-person animals, and if you're their person, settle in for nights of weirdly positioned cuddling (think: Ian Somerhalder's derrière) and cat hair on everything.

And if you're extra lucky, you find the rare gem of a hunky man who enjoys a little feline companionship himself. Click through the slideshow above to see 24 sexy dudes made even sexier, courtesy of their cat companions. Watch out, dudes with dogs, it just got really hot in here.

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