Your Quick And Dirty Guide To Adding Green To Your Space

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House plants are the surest way to breathe new life into a room—but keeping them alive can be a challege when you aren't exactly a gardening pro. Luckily, Sprout Home's Tassy de Give is here to help. Click through for her foolproof advice for choosing and caring for indoor plants.

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For urbanites who spend day after day looking at all-grey everything—from subway cars to concrete to cubicle walls—a little green can make all the difference. But cultivating a full-fledged garden isn't exactly practical when your outdoor space consists of a narrow ledge-slash-pigeon roost. While we may not all be blessed with sprawling backyards, lush gardens or even enough space for some fire escape foliage, however, that doesn't mean the prospect of owning a plant is out of the question.

To put us on the right track towards becomeing green-thumbed goddesses, we talked to Tassy de Give, the Brooklyn-based plant maven and co-owner of one of Lucky's go-to greenery spots, Sprout Home, to get her tips on choosing the right kind of plant for low vs. bright lighting, watering, repotting, fertilizing and more. Click through the slideshow above for her strategies for picking the best plant for your place—and how to keep it alive and thriving .

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