WATCH: Here's How To Keep Your Skirt Down While Riding A Bike

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via Instagram/@lukemccoy1

If there’s just one thing I love most about warm weather, it’s that I’m able to take my old-school Schwinn bike out for a spin whenever I please. But that freedom comes with a slight problem: I love dresses—a lot—and as you can probably gather, skirts and bikes generally don’t mix well. That means that peddling in a dress has the potential to create a NSFW situation in the pelvic region. Enough said.

But, we're in luck! A group of super-cool gals have done the heroic thing and actualized a reasonable solution to said bike problem. All you need is a penny, a rubber band and all of three seconds. I haven’t actually tried it yet, but it looks totally legitimate.

Watch the "Penny in Yo' Pants" demonstration below!

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