WATCH: There's A New Mockingjay Trailer—And It Has A Big Surprise At The End!

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Click through to get a first look at Mockingjay: Part 1—including Julianne Moore as President Alma Coin (at left), set to hit theaters on November 21.

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So as not to bore you to death, I will dutifully avoid sharing my own personal thoughts on The Hunger Games’ third and final book, Mockingjay. (Essentially, if you haven’t read it by now, don’t. There’s a sufficient plot summary on Wikipedia.)

Anyway, Mockingjay: Part 1’s first trailer was released two weeks ago, and it did a commendable job of producing a “real-life” PSA for Panem’s Capitol. It also gave us a glimpse at Peeta’s depressing, new reality—which, if you read the book/Wikipedia page, you’ll understand. No spoilers here!

The movie’s second trailer follows a similar Capitol-approved path—until it gets interrupted by Beetee, one of the rebel tributes whom we first met in Catching Fire. As for his message, all I will say is that it’s certainly coup d’état-inducing.

I want to give a big round of applause to the franchise’s marketing team, because man, they're killing it. Watch the trailer below, and click through the slideshow above to get a first glimpse at Mockingjay’s cast of characters.

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