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In honor of National Ice Cream Day, I thought I'd exercise both my sweet tooth and my styling chops by putting together five outfits inspired by a few of Lucky's favorite ice cream flavors. Click through for the stylish scoop!
It's hard to top a multi-textural, all-white look in the dead of summer—especially one with sporty flourishes.
Pair a cocoa-colored jumpsuit with wooden-soled clog sandals for a fun, '70s-tinged throwback look.
A flavor this classically sweet calls for a matching two-piece crop-top-and-skirt set—plus a couple of juicy extras.
Chocolate Chip
A polka-dotted party dress, cigarette-style clutch and two-tone pearls channel '50s glam in a modern way.
Mint Chip
A sharply contrasting mix of inky black and bold peppermint packs as much zing as the refreshing flavor it's inspired by.