Style By The Scoop: Five Summer Looks Inspired By Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavors


It's hard to top a multi-textural, all-white look in the dead of summer—especially one with sporty flourishes.
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Senior Digital Editor

Today is National Ice Cream Day, folks—yes, that's an actual holiday we did not make up. And while there's arguably a reason to celebrate our favorite creamy, cold treat every single day of the year, ice cream and summertime truly do go together like, well, peanut butter and jelly. Or Beyoncé and Jay Z.

At any rate, in honor of this 24-hour period gloriously dedicated to our favorite frozen dairy dessert, I thought I'd exercise both my sweet tooth and my styling chops by putting together five outfits inspired by a few of Lucky's favorite ice cream flavors. A tad over-the-top they may be, but hey—so is a towering cone of mint chip deliciousness. Click through for the stylish scoop.

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