Orange Is the New Black Is Making Orange Jumpsuits Too 'Cool' For Actual Jail

Associate Digital Features Editor

If you thought prison was the one place the whims of fashion couldn't touch, you'd be wrong: in Michigan, one county sheriff is laying down the law and ordering that inmates' jumpsuits be changed from the contemporary all-orange style to the retired black and white stripes, in part due to the popularity of Netflix's Orange Is the New Black.

According to the Detroit News, Sheriff William Federspiel reasoned that “some people think it’s cool to look like an inmate of the Saginaw County Jail…wearing all orange jumpsuits out at the mall or in public.” Is this new look a commentary on the country's appallingly high incarceration rate? Nope, it's a fashion statement, co-opted from the ladies of Litchfield prison. And it's causing confusion for the guards and public alike, since the inmates work outside prison walls.

Something tells us Red would not approve.

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