#TBT: January Jones' First Acting Gig Was Definitely Not What You'd Expect


via Instagram / @januaryjones

Throughout the show's much-acclaimed seven seasons, Mad Men has become a veritable time machine of fashion, if you will, beginning in the 1960s and spanning a decade into the groovy '70s. It is fitting, then, that series star January Jones' Instagram account is full of priceless #TBT moments—many of which are undeniably adorable, while others are somewhat controversial.

Last week's post features a young Jones (left) alongside two other tow-headed toddlers in her very first theatrical production. Playing an "evil fortune teller," Jones is bedecked in "magic shell necklaces" and, inexplicably enough, gloves. Who knew the actress' first role was played out in her childhood living room? Keep those #TBT posts coming, Jones, because we can't get enough!

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