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A 13-year-old Lewis busting a move with Shelley Long in Troop Beverly Hills (1989).
Sporting her signature red Adidas tracksuit and pigtails.
Lewis' second painted suit features softer pinks and purples.

What are a few of your tour must-haves?

"Number one: natural wine. I drink a lot of wine, but it has to be natural, nothing added. It's got a lot of funk!"

"I also always bring my own coffee. I do pour-over, so I have my own kettle and grinder…and I've been doing Bulletproof coffee lately, which is when you put a tablespoon of butter in there. It's a Tibetan thing—they used to put yak butter in tea. It's so delicious and creamy—and because of the fat in the butter, it keeps your energy levels up. I mean, you can't really go wrong with butter."

Your first single off The Voyager is called "Just One of the Guys." Seeing as how you're a self-proclaimed tomboy, what are some of your favorite things to borrow from dudes?

"I'm a fan of a unisex scent—all the perfumes I've worn over the years have been very musky. At the moment I'm wearing Comme des Garçons Incense Avignon, which my boyfriend uses as well. But when it comes to clothes, I feel like he borrows my stuff more than I borrow his!"

Lewis relies on a mix of Moroccanoil products and infrequent washing to keep her stunning red hair in tip-top shape while touring.