WATCH: Anne Hathaway, Kristen Stewart And Brie Larson Rock Out In Drag For Jenny Lewis' New Music Video

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Leave it to Jenny Lewis—the spunky, inimitable Rilo Kiley frontwoman—to wrangle what is quite possibly the weirdest cast in music video history. Fresh off her first solo album (The Voyager) in six years, “Just One of the Guys” showcases the singer-songwriter in her candy-coated, dreamlike element. Though a major musical comeback should (and ordinarily, would) be reason enough to garner heaps of press, throwing famous gal pals Anne Hathaway, Kristen Stewart and Brie Larson into the mix certainly can’t hurt.

But here's the thing: the video doesn't star Hathaway, Stewart and Larson in their natural state, per se; rather, it’s them in drag. Full-on, tracksuited, facial-haired drag. While Stewart and Larson do convincingly creepy impressions of the types of men who would step out in head-to-toe Adidas tracksuits, it’s Hathaway who’s the real treat. Before my inbox becomes littered with Hatha-hate, hear me out: it’s the actress with a straight-up pornstache (à la Orange Is the New Black) and a rattail.

Our friends at GQ were fortunate enough to nab the exclusive, so check out Lewis’ brand-new “Just One of the Guys” video below. The Voyager arrives July 29.

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