WATCH: Jenny Slate's Mom Thought Her Adolescent Daughter Was 'The Worst'

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To start the morning off on a #dark note: my own Braceface-y adolescent years were fraught with such annoyance that I still prefer to avoid discussing most teenage topics. But however many years later, I’m still comforted to know other humans—famous or not—annoyed their parents as much as I did mine. One such famous human? Jenny Slate.

The star of the critically acclaimed film Obvious Child and I are sister-friends in that we both went through serious “La Bamba” phases in our adolescence. As Slate described on Conan this week, her mom even called her “the worst” because of her constant singing and dancing.

But the obsession promptly ended when Slate got hit by a van when she wasn’t paying attention—because, kids, she was having too much fun “La Bamba”-ing. Moral of the story: this is what happens when your brain is on “La Bamba.” You get hit by vans.

Watch Slate’s hilarious appearance on Conan below:

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