Attention Game Of Thrones Fans: Jon Snow And Ygritte Are Dating!

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Our hearts just can't catch a break this month! First it was news that Ryan Gosling is a soon-to-be dad and now Jon Snow is taken?! Rumor has it that our favorite Game of Thrones bastard turned bad ass—played by Kit Harington—is dating his on-screen love Ygritte—also known by her real name: Rose Leslie.

Major GoT spoiler alert: we all cried when Ygritte died in season 4 and Jon held her in her last moments. Obviously we were secretly pining that the star-crossed duo would end up together on the show! But this real-life romance, caught as the couple were seen traveling together at LAX—clearly not for GoT purposes—is even more exciting. Stay tuned to see what happens with these two sexy rising stars in the future!

Tell us in the comments below, are you happy the Crow and Ygritte are dating?

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