15 Non-Basic Ways To Wear A T-Shirt And Jorts

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So your go-to cutoff and T-shirt outfit is feeling stale? Click through for 15 ways to break free from your basic b***h rut.

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"I hate T-shirts and jean shorts," said no one ever. Out of all the things you can put on in the summer, it's by far the most universally popular combination out there: from movie stars to moms to little kids at summer camp, everyone wears it. I dare you to name a more classic summer look.

The only real problem with it is, perhaps, that maybe it's a little too classic. After all, if everyone's dressed in exactly the same thing, how can you stand out? Any of the 15 styling tips in the slideshow above—all taken from some of our favorite jort-loving celebrities, street style stars and Lucky readers—are a great place to start. Click through to make your favorite cutoff-and-tee outfit more exciting.

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