Seven Ways To Blow Your Paycheck This Fourth Of July

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Spend your Fourth of July holiday weekend in the lap of luxury! Click through for seven of the best (and most expensive!) ways to achieve ultimate relaxation this weekend.

Romulo A. Yanes

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It's not any big secret that I love to treat myself to the finer things in life every once in a while, but between Manhattan rent, utilities, and life's general expenses, I spend more time gawking and dreaming than actually spending. Admittedly, I'd say this is for the best—I've definitely been handed a few important life lessons on how to prioritize my spending—but at the end of the day, a special occasion calls for some celebrating, no?

With the Fourth of July holiday weekend a mere 48 hours away, I can't possibly think of a better excuse to drop a couple dimes on some big-ticket luxuries. Whether you already have plans or not for the Fourth, here are a few (admittedly outlandish) ways to blow your paycheck and make this the best weekend of your summer!

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