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Spend your Fourth of July holiday weekend in the lap of luxury! Click through for seven of the best (and most expensive!) ways to achieve ultimate relaxation this weekend.
Get Beach-Ready
In the days leading up to your beachside barbecue, you can make sure that you look your best with a juice cleanse. Or, use the cleanse as a way to detoxify after partying too hard over the weekend. Either way, I can't possibly think of a better way to spend almost a month's worth of my grocery money…except maybe on actual groceries.
Take a Staycation
Are you stuck at home for the long weekend because you didn't book your vacation accommodations far enough ahead of time? Don't despair! I'll be taking a "staycation" this weekend, complete with a gourmet brunch, massages—and of course, a fresh mani-pedi. Indulge yourself with a spa day, too—a grand is worth it for the ultimate relaxation, right?
Host an Outdoor Movie Night
Watching movies indoors on a big screen is so last season. Now, it's warm enough to enjoy the great outdoors and everything that nature has to offer! I find that being outside is particularly conducive to hosting movie screenings at twilight, because don't we all have massive backyards in which to set up inflatable movie screens?
Host Your Own Hotdog-Eating Contest
What fun is watching the famous Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest when you could just host your own competition? This is sure to be instant entertainment at any Fourth of July barbecue. Just don't call us when it's time to clean up afterwards.
Make a Margarita (Or 10!)
Buying drinks at bars can get so expensive—you're much better off doing it yourself at home, right? Apparently, that all depends on how serious of a mixologist you are.
Go To the Hamptons
And when I say "go to the Hamptons," I don't mean driving down a traffic-riddled highway with the rest of the plebeians. Pshh! If you're going to do it, you might as well do it in style. This weekend, Uber is partnering with Blade to offer helicopter rides from Manhattan for a measly $2,500. Each chopper accommodates up to five passengers—a bargain if you consider that the trip would usually run you closer to $3,000.
Read a Book
Maybe after reading this list, you were so overwhelmed by the pricey possibilities. And maybe, just maybe, you realized that the best option is to keep things as low-key as humanly possible this weekend, so you decided to just stay in and read a book. That'll be cheap, right? Well, not if you're a GoT fan with particularly deep pockets...