Kendall Jenner Makes Her Couture Debut

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via Instagram/@krisjenner

Today in Paris, one Kendall Jenner must have made her mother dearest very proud by making her Couture debut in Chanel’s Fall 2014 show. With a Givenchy campaign and numerous high-profile fashion shows already under her belt, Jenner continues to climb the rungs of the high fashion ladder with all the apparent ease of an 18-year-old reality TV star.

For this go-around, Karl Lagerfeld sent Jenner down the catwalk in a particularly punky, feathered number. Per Couture (and Karl) tradition, between the tartan knit and fleur-de-lis detailing, the look is appropriately over the top. We doubt we'll be seeing this head-to-toe look on the red carpet anytime soon—unless it's for Heidi Klum's infamous Halloween party.

Alas, it appears the Kaiser is making two questionable trends of yesteryear a “thing” once again: newsboy caps and—le sigh—flip-flops. We’ll leave it at that—it’s too early in the morning for another impassioned flip-flop debate.

One small step for Jenner; one giant leap for the Kardashian name.

via Instagram/@kendalljenner

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