Five Surefire Ways To Wear Linen Pants—Without Looking Like A Hippie!

Outfit Idea #1: Tuck a lightweight blouse into a slightly cropped pair.

Why It Works: Between the conservative top and trim cut of the trousers, this feels pulled together and polished.

Perfect For: Most office environments (but not, unfortunately, those with blazer and button-down dress codes), dinner parties and upscale brunches.

Switch It Up: If you'd like to make the look more casual, try knotting the ends of the shirt in front and swapping the heels for slide sneakers.

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Associate Digital Editor

Throughout this stretch of steamy weather we've been having, linen pants are an incredibly smart thing to wear. Even though it's a style that obscures the whole (or most of the) leg, the material's so thin and breathable you'll forget about the full coverage; actually, it's arguably even better than going bare-kneed, as you'll have a sweat-free layer of extra protection against harmful UV rays. Have you ever seen a picture of  people riding camels in the desert, covered from head to toe, and wondered how they didn't pass out? The answer is linen.

So, you might ask, why isn't everyone ditching their beloved cutoffs and sundresses for lightweight trousers right now? I blame it on the hippies. Not that I fundamentally have anything against an earthy, crunchy lifestyle—heck, I'm down to yoga and green juice it up any old day—but it's giving linen pants a bad name. Rather than seeing the piece for its true level of awesomeness, people picture their yoga teacher wearing it with a Lululemon sweatshirt and flip-flops (ugh, flip-flops); they imagine it on a certain type of dangly glass earring-wearing, clog-obsessed liberal arts professor they used to have. Somehow it's become way too much about comfort, and not enough about style.

The five outfits in the slideshow above are meant to put an end to all that. Click through and you'll find real, live—and available online!—evidence that linen pants can look more polished that you'd ever imagine. Shop everything now to get in on the look before everyone else catches on.

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