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Believe it: there really is a way to wear linen pants without looking like you're heading to a spiritual retreat in the woods. Click through to see how.

Outfit Idea #1: Tuck a lightweight blouse into a slightly cropped pair.

Why It Works: Between the conservative top and trim cut of the trousers, this feels pulled together and polished.

Perfect For: Most office environments (but not, unfortunately, those with blazer and button-down dress codes), dinner parties and upscale brunches.

Switch It Up: If you'd like to make the look more casual, try knotting the ends of the shirt in front and swapping the heels for slide sneakers.

Outfit Idea #2: Wear a relaxed, full length style with a boxy short sleeve top.

Why It Works: The secret to looking great in loose linen pants trousers is adding structure else wear. Here I've done it with a squarish shirt and flatform shoes.

Perfect For: Laid-back get-togethers that you want to look good for, but not like you tried to.

Switch It Up: #Normcore footwear freak you out? Chunky sandals mules work just as well.

Outfit Idea #3: Transition the look to a chilly evening (or an aggressively air conditioned office) with a graphic sweater.

Why It Works: No matter how hippy dippy the pants feel at first, a bold print, sturdy shoe and of-the-moment It bag will cancel it out.

Perfect For: Unseasonably cool summer nights, and crisp early fall days (they're coming sooner than you're think!).

Switch It Up: To make it work in warmer conditions, do a short sleeve sweatshirt up top.

Outfit Idea #4: Layer in a long white vest and lariat necklace.

Why It Works: The contrast of laid-back baggy bottoms against crisply tailored suiting and dainty jewelry is just the right balance.

Perfect For: Drinks at a fancy cocktail place (even if all you order is beers), date nights.

Switch It Up: Sneakers are excellent here, too, should you want to dress this look down. With cropped legs feel free to play around with high tops, but stick to something lower, like a slide or tennis shoe, if the pants are full length.

Outfit Idea #5: Do a printed pair with sandal heels.

Why It Works: Adding an extra boost of height instantly makes the look more refined. It also helps to pick a pattern that's more sophisticated and subtle—like the washed out leopard motif pictured left—than say, big splashy peace signs.

Perfect For: Unfussy "creative" offices, upscale brunches, and baby or bridal showers.

Switch It Up: Although you can, of course, get away with flats, it's harder to pull off. Whatever style you choose, make it doesn't obscure your entire foot and ankle—without a little skin showing, the look comes across dumpy.